Appointment Booking System

Simple, Flexible & Customizable

Appointment Booking System

Appointment Booking System is an appointment scheduling tool that enhances your customers experience. Scheduling an appointment before a visit will allow your customers to be attended to promptly when they arrive at your business premises. Using it as a standalone appointment scheduling or together with queue management system allows you to have greater flexibility on how to manage your customers.

Make appointment

Online Booking Portal and Staff Booking Portal allows concurrent appointment booking without overlaps.

Live status

Monitor the status of appointments made and customers who have arrived for appointments

Manage your clients

With detailed customer appointment details, enhance clients relationship using flexible scheduling and reminder tool.

Reduce No-Shows

Flexibility, appointment reminder and easy to reschedule appointments will assist to reduce no-shows.

Be notified

An sms or email will be sent you when your VIP guest scans their QR Code when they arrive.

Allows Integration

Interface with Queue Management System to provide a complete solutions for your customers experience.

Main Features

User friendly and customizable online page for customers and a separate online page for staff to login and manage visitors appointment

Calendar dashboard for appointment overview

Appointment Booking page for easy support by staff

Sends SMS and Email confirmation to customers with QR Code Link

Use the QR Code to collect Queue Ticket from Queue Machine

Receive SMS and Email Alert when VIP guests arrives

Facial Recognition option

Allows interface with 3rd party systems