Queue Management System

NetQ Basic, NetQ Professional & NetQ Enterprise.

Queue Management System

In every organization when there is a high volume of customers, it is inevitable that customers have to queue to be served. NetQ System not only assist our clients to manage their queue, we also assist our clients to improve their service quality by shortening the customer’s waiting time with our formulated Queue Reports to keep track of every stage of the queuing process. NetQ system also aims to keep those in the queue entertained by introducing our digital signage Qsign or QDis which combines TV/Video/e-posters to be displayed next to Q-information.

All NetQ peripherals are network ready and can be installed on our client’s network infrastructure when required. This will enable expandability and flexibility of deployment for clients when unforeseen increase of counters are needed.

Being a networked based system, NetQ can also be operated on the wireless LAN infrastructure of any organization. Temporary installation such as Roadshows or exhibitions benefits from NetQ’s wireless LAN feature as there is no need to lay additional cables and incur unnecessary costs.

NetQ Basic

Queue System with basic functions. No customization.

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NetQ Professional

Queue System for business with single branch. Full customization.

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NetQ Enterprise

Queue System for business with multiple branches and departments. Full Customization.

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NetQ Basic

NetQ Basic is a light weight queue management system designed to be installed easily and quickly. Packed with a friendly webadmin, users will be able to maintain and change settings easily. A detailed report package will also be able to generate standard reports that would assist the management team to have an overview picture of the operations and staff performance.

Supports up to 8 counters

Supports up to 2 ticket dispensers

Supports up to 6 buttons.

Supports up to 2 Queue Display

NetQ Professional

NetQ Professional Controller is the brain of the system and it controls the other peripherals such as the Customer Display, the Ticket Machine and the Keypads. Within the Queue Controller sits the Queue Controller Operating Software that handles all the logics for the Queue System, collects the raw data and converting them into statistics and reports. With a design concept of running the entire NetQ System on Windows Embedded Operating System, NetQ Controller develops its Centralized Control System using PC. This innovative design gives customer a flexibility and assurance the advantage of its Non-Proprietary hardware status.

Supports SMS Ticket, SMS Reminder

Supports Webmobile Ticket

QR Code to check on Queue Status

Interface with NetQ Appointment Booking as well as 3rd party Appointment Booking System

Allows interfaces with 3rd party API

Allows 3rd party software to call our API for interfacing




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Queue Management System


Queue Management System

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